Our Design

Our art is what drives our passion and we like to have fun with it. We love color, we love print, and we love textiles. We like adding a touch of something unexpected to everyday objects and pay close attention to detail. Each design begins with a fabrication in mind so that we can offer you the most in both style and comfort.

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The Art

In essence, we sell art. It is the core of our foundation and everything we do stems from it. For over 60 years, our prints have been designed by hand at our headquarters in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Starting from a sketch or painting, our in house art team refines each line, adjusts the print scale and chooses the color palettes until the print has our signature look and feel to it.

The Process

Once the artwork is created and technically ready for textile printing, screens are engraved. For each color in a print, a screen must be used. Prints usually require up to 18 screens to achieve our desired effect. There are only a handful of mills in Japan and Europe that routinely handle this quantity of screens. Japan weaves and prints most of our textiles at some of the oldest textile mills in the world.
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Cut And Sewn Image

Cut & Sewn in Hawai’i, U.S.A.

We believe in our community and that we all have a hand in making it thrive. From our headquarters in Honolulu, we cut and sew our product. Whenever you see this logo, you’ll know that your garment was proudly made in Hawai’i, USA.