Our Design

We are an art driven textile company that reflects the resort lifestyle. We were a lifestyle brand in 1956, and we’re a lifestyle brand today.

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The Art

The art department and merchandising team are always looking at what’s on trend and drawing inspiration from what they see out there. Living in Hawaii, we’re surrounded by inspiration. So, the fun thing is seeing something while we’re out and about, and thinking how we can turn it into a really cool print.

Art is one of the pillars of Tori Richard. What makes a Tori Richard garment unique from everyone else’s is the amount of time and effort we put into the art. Every print is analyzed, taken apart and put back together, to ensure that motifs are not repeated or upside-down, that every flower and every leaf is unique and not cookie-cutter.

The Process

We put a lot of time and effort into the quality of our garments – how it fits, the fabrication we use, and the details that we put in.

Once the artwork is created and technically ready for textile printing, screens are engraved. For each color in a print, a screen must be used. Prints usually require up to 18 screens to achieve our desired effect. There are only a handful of mills in Japan and Europe that routinely handle this quantity of screens. Japan weaves and prints most of our textiles at some of the oldest textile mills in the world.

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The Lifestyle

We use the tagline Resort is a State of Mind® – and that’s true. Really what it means is that we’re a resort lifestyle brand, but that doesn’t mean we’re geographically fixated on just Hawai’i. Resort can be anywhere; it’s a lifestyle sentiment, it’s a thought, rather than a place. You can enjoy the resort lifestyle whether you’re in the mountains, whether you’re at the beach in a tropical location, or even in your own home. Resort is a State of Mind®.

Cut & Sewn in Hawai’i, U.S.A.

We believe in our community and that we all have a hand in making it thrive. From our headquarters in Honolulu, we cut and sew our product.

Whenever you see this logo, you’ll know that your garment was proudly made in Hawai’i, USA.
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