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Aloha Broke the Internet

Tori Richard has been a part of our community and customers’ lives since 1956.

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit our shores in Hawai’i, Tori Richard, Ltd. began navigating the uncharted territory of determining how we should best serve our employees, our customers and our community. Much like everyone else, we were unsure what the best course of action would be. When the CDC formally issued guidance advising that all people wear face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we immediately seized the opportunity to help those within our community by producing fabric face masks, for free. Our lean and socially-distanced crew worked tirelessly to produce, process and pack all the free masks that were delivered to the public. We owe them our most heartfelt gratitude – without their commitment to helping the community, this project would have been impossible!

Since the first launch of our free mask program on April 4th, we have given away approximately 30,000 reusable fabric face masks to the public. In just a few hours of our initial launch, we received over 6,500 mask orders. Our re-stock on April 30th brought over 25,000 visitors to our website in less than 120 minutes – creating some very real traffic jams! Once we resolved the technical issues, we “sold out” our remaining stock of face masks in 7 minutes. We were (and remain) humbled by all of you, and the level of gratitude and support you all have shown us throughout this experience. Aloha broke the internet!

We have closed the chapter on our free face mask program, but are now offering mask sets for sale here. While we won’t be giving away any more face masks, we want to extend our deepest mahalo for your overwhelming support. These have been challenging times for all, but we continue to be encouraged and inspired by you, our Tori Richard ‘Ohana.

“We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa


Tori Richard

Sizing Tips

If your mask fits looser than you would like, here’s an easy peasy, one-two-threesy, fix!⁠

Step 1: Put on your mask. Pull the elastic back to where you’d like it to fit, and pinch the excess. Take off the mask, careful not to lose the spot where you pinched!⁠

Step 1: Pinch the excess elastic

Step 2: Tie small knots where you’ve pinched the excess elastic.⁠

Step 2: Tie knots where you've pinched on both sides

Step 3: Put your mask back on, and enjoy your new fit! If it still needs a little adjusting, simply retie your knots where you’d like them to be.⁠

Step 3: Enjoy your new fit

Hope this helps all who’ve asked for a snugger fit!⁠